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LET Access Series
Daniela Holmqvist - Olympic Summer of Sport

                                                                     Daniela Holmqvist

Sweden's Daniela Holmqvist recently joined the LET Access Series and in her first event as a member, finished 2nd behind Norway's Marianne Skarpnord at the recent Ladies Norwegian Challenge. With the Olympic Games less than two week's away, Daniela answers some questions about the forthcoming event.

1. What is/are your favourite/s Olympic Sport? I like them all, I think its the whole Olympic package that is interesting.

2. And favourite Olympic sportwomen/men? Why? Usain Bolt is always fun to watch, but this year I will follow women’s tennis. I will also follow all of the 20+ athletes from my school in the US who will be in London. University of California. The head coach for the women swimming department at school is also the Olympic coach for USA.

3. What sport or event do you like to watch during the Olympics? Tennis

4. Do you have any plans to go to watch any event regarding London 2012? Unfortunately not.

5. Which country do you think will win more medals during London 2012? I think the US will be a strong contender.

6. Do you practice currently or have you ever practiced any other Olympic Sport, apart from Golf? I just played tennis at a young age.

7. Have you met any other Olympic medal Sportmen/women apart from Vera Shimanskaya? Who and when? We have loads of them at school in the US. Especially swimming. My Dad is a former professional soccer player in the Swedish national team, Germany, Switzerland and Italy. But soccer in the Olympics was not possible for him to play as he was a professional. I guess it's a little different now.

8. If you were not a golf professional, what other Olympic Sport would you have liked to practice? Tennis.

9. If you had not dedicated your career to golf, in which other Olympic Sport do you think you would have succeeded? Tennis

10. Do you know the procedure to get selected to enter Rio 2016, where golf will be for the first time a new Sport? I think it is based on world ranking and also being the top golfers from your country.

11. How do you think Golf will change from 2016 after being a new Olympic Sport? I think there will be a bigger interest from the media and also spectators.

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