Natalia Escuriola, 21, from Castellon in Spain, finished 2nd in the LETAS Order of Merit in 2015 earning her full card for the Ladies European Tour 2016 season. Natalia began the season as an amateur and then opted to turn professional for the final two tournaments of the season. Natalia had two wins during the season, her first at the CitizenGuard LETAS Trophy as an amateur and her second win at the season finale WPGA International Challenge only her second tournament as a professional.  She made a further four top three finishes last season and is about to play her first season on the Ladies European Tour.

How have you been preparing for the season?

I’ve been practising a lot in the technical and psychological aspects and I think I’m prepared for this season.

What tournament are you most excited to go to?

The first one in New Zealand and Australia and new places like China and Japan.

How have you found the Rookie Orientation?

I think it’s very interesting to learn many things about the tour. It’s a fun group.

How did the LET Access Series help you prepare for this year?

LET Access Series helped to prepare me to play with other professionals in tournaments and I’ve very happy I decided to play on the LET Access Series and I recommend it to other players.

How did you start playing golf?

When I was five years old with my father and my uncle in Costa Azar in Castellon, a nine-hole course. I liked it and I continued to play after that.

How has the Spanish Federation helped you to train?

They helped me a lot, throughout my career as an amateur and they continue to help me now.

Do you have the Olympics on your mind?

Yes, but I know that it’s complicated. I’m thinking more about the next one.

Do you think you could be the Rookie of the Year?

I think I can do it, yes.